Alcosm In Exclusive Partnership with TGV Cinemas To Keep You Safe

alcosm x tgv

The government has announced the reopening of cinemas, theatres, and live event spaces starting from July 1st. Although we are all eager to go out and enjoy a good time with our loved ones, it remains critical to continue practicing social distancing and maintaining necessary safety measures. TGV Cinema has pledged to make sure everyone enjoys a safe and comfortable movie experience by complying with strict SOPs. Hand sanitizers are being placed at various spots throughout the cinema, employee and customer’s temperature is checked and all the theatres are frequently sanitized. 

Putting everyone’s safety as a priority, Alcosm is proud to play a role in this. We are delighted to be TGV Cinema’s preferred partner in keeping their customers and employees safe. Our 75% alcohol disinfectant wipe that is designed to effectively kill 99.9% bacteria and viruses can now be found at TGV Cinema’s counters. Together we are committed to creating a world where safety is fundamental to how we work, live, and play.