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Alcean™ 75% Alcohol Wipes contains 75% ethanol alcohol as the main ingredient to eliminate 99.9% bacterias, germs, oil and viruses. WHO recommends (reference) that alcohol-based handrubs with 75% alcohol-concentration are most effective to kill viruses. Alcohol penetrates the cell wall completely, permeates the entire cell, coagulates all proteins and therefore kills the microorganism. Made with natural and chemical-free materials, Alcean™ 75% Alcohol Wipes is soft & gentle on the skin designed for all age group to disinfect, sanitise and remove oil in one wipe. 

As for our Antibacterial (0% alcohol) wipes, the active disinfecting ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride. With 0% alcohol and eucalyptus fragrance, an option made for the extra sensitive skin including babies and toddlers. 

Whether it's our Alcean 75% Alcohol Wipes or our Antibacterial Wipes, both range contains key ingredients that are recommended by the National Environment Agency of Singapore to effectively work against coronaviruses with 10 minutes contact time. (reference)

Alcean is designed in Singapore and responsibly produced by Asia’s largest manufacturer in  China, adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry.

The expiry date for the wipe before opening is 2 years from the manufacturing date.
After opening, we suggest to use up within 2 months time for best performance of the product.

Alcean is categorised under surface wipes, therefore NOT is not required in this case. NOT number is applicable on cosmetics products.

It’s not recommended to leave your wipes in the car as some of our ingredients are flammable, especially when the car is parked directly under the hot sun. On top of that, it will dry out the alcohol and moisture in the wipes much faster than usual. 

Yes, our wipes are FDA certified and are safe to use on utensils. However, we will advise to leave it for 10-15 seconds for the alcohol to evaporate before using them.

While 75% alcohol content is great to disinfect our hands, personal belongings and most hard surfaces, please avoid using our 75% alcohol wipes on painted, shellacked, lacquered, or varnished surfaces, including treated wood. Other than that, alcohol is also not recommended on leather surfaces. Hence do take note to prevent damages to your furniture or other surfaces in your home.


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